Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bamboo Bikes

What if you could grow your own bike?

 The bamboo bicycle is a cool new alternative for a bicycle frame, and it's getting a lot of attention these days.

Bamboo bikes have been around since 1894 but only recently have companies started specializing in it.
 Organic Bikes makes the Caleb frame which I plan on getting soon. They also make other bamboo products such as fenders and grips as well as reclaimed bike packs and saddlebags and biodegradable water bottles.

Bamboo bikes are also helping empower people in third world countries by creating jobs, increasing carrying capacity by 5 times, and increase the distance a person can travel by four times compared to walking.
  Zambikes is one such company using bamboo and steel bicycles to help citizens improve their community.
The Zambulance is helping ferry patients from home to a clinic comfortably as compared to a wheelbarrow or an ox cart which I assume wouldn't be a smooth ride.
Links to some other companies and projects- http://bamboobikestudio.com/ http://www.bamboosero.com/ http://bamboobike.org/ http://www.bikebamboo.com/


  1. haha yor post made me laugh :D wooden bikes would rock!

  2. thats something i would like to see in my country! full organic bicycles :)

  3. This is pretty amazing, there are a lot of talanted people in 3rd world countries. It's just a matter of them being noticed.