Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bicycle School

Looking to improve your wrench skills but not sure how? Want to build your very own bike frame?
Whether your looking to build your own wheels or become a certified mechanic I've got the info for you!


Barnett Bicycle Institute - Colorado Springs, Colorado

United Bicycle Institute - Portland, Oregon


Winterborne Bicycle Institute - Guelph, Ontario

Quadra Island Bicycle Mechanic Training Program - Quadra Island, British Columbia

Technocycle - Montreal, Quebec

UK  (Cytech Accreditation)

ATG Training - Manchester, UK

PJCS Cycle Training - Milton Keynes, UK


If you can't find one near you there may be a vocational school that offers a bicycle repair class. Local bike shops also have bike repair classes taught by mechanics through the Park Tool School.


If you would like to start making your own frames why not learn from Master Frame Builder Koichi Yamaguchi!


You may have to wait awhile though... he only takes on about 3 students at a time and is fully booked for 2011. For around $3000 and 2 weeks of your time you will get to learn how to make a bicycle frame for personal use or just for art. Yamaguchibike


But remember a bicycle mechanic is 95% experience 4% intuition 1% certfication... and maybe part super hero.

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  1. Don't forget UBI's original campus in Ashland, OR!