Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to: set up your BMX with an asian girl.

Having trouble putting your bmx bike together? Don't know which way the pedals go on?
Or maybe you do know and you would like to watch some girl do it for you?
I think yes!

I can't quite understand what she is saying but she puts that bike together better than some of the bicycle mechanics I've been around. Eye candy and information!

How to: Set up the Complete Bike on


  1. Oh, there were bikes in this video? I didnt notice..

  2. haha great video, didnt even notice the bikes too much though for some reason...

  3. i´ve gat a little problem with my bike... can you get me the phone number of this maintenance technician?
    god post!!

  4. What bike can i order that comes with the girl?