Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ticketed for not riding in a Bike Lane

I've never been ticketed for not riding in a bike lane, but I have been for riding on the sidewalk around campus so I can somewhat share in his frustration.

My city recently painted new bike lanes near my house so maybe I can test this out on the local authorities. Their knowledge of bicycle laws are somewhat scarce outside of campus limits.

People all over the country are pushing for bike laws and with that comes a crackdown on how we ride.
                     I wouldn't mind bunny hopping over a bench to get to work every day!


  1. Wow, what a joke. I can't believe how stubborn cops are sometimes.

  2. ^ I got a parking ticket for parking on my grass(and its not some front yard crap either...yes Fargo bikes are pretty rare except around campus.

  3. That sucks man :/ I feel for you, had a similar encounter myself a few years ago, very uncool

  4. Looks like the placement of that bench is intended for just that joke.
    Good one

  5. quite lame, doesn't really happen here luckily :p

  6. To be honest it's not completely fair that a whole bunch of cyclists take over the road especially in congested traffic had it before and to say the least it's VERY annoying.